Georgia boat insurance is a type of policy that covers watercrafts and their users against any misfortunes that may come their way in terms of accidents, liability and even vandalism. Getting such a policy may prove to be a challenge. However, Taylor, Towson and Braddy Insurance Agency can offer you the best and well customized PWC policy that will suit your needs well.


The best PWC coverage needs to have you in mind before any other issues. The policy basically protects you from any losses you would have incurred in terms of liabilities. It does not matter whether you are responsible for the watercraft or is someone else is using it, your boat policy will cover you completely.


Boat Insurance Coverage
  • Damages that may occur to another pwc, boat or dock.

  • Any body injuries and even death of another person for which you may be held responsible.

  • Any damages caused by any other person using your boat

  • Injuries that may be inflicted to water skiers under tow and wake boarders while using your boat.

  • Damages that may occur to the equipment, hull and machinery on your boat.

  • Injuries caused to you by an uninsured boat.

  • Provision of assistance in terms of towing incase of break downs while out on the water.


Exclusions Within the Boat Policy

It is important to note that the Georgia boat insurance policy does not cover some items. It is therefore important that when purchasing this coverage you go through your policy thoroughly. Among those items that are usually not covered by the boat policy includes:

  • A boat that is modified to enhance speed need performance.

  • Operating your boat in hours within dusk or dawn.

  • Operating your boat in the absence of a valid license from the relevant authorities


It is also important to note different boats have different insurance needs. It is therefore advised that you get to extensively read the policy to be sure that it covers the needs related to your boat. You will also be sure to note the exclusions that are related to the coverage.


Types of PWC Coverage

With the definition of PWC varying depending on your state there are two types of policies that you will be able to access at Taylor, Towson and Braddy that will suit you perfectly. They are:


Stand-up: Customized for a rider operating the PWC standing or kneeling instead of sitting. This also may depend on the type of PWC in operation.


Sit-Down: Provides for the rider to sit or stand and may carry up to 4 passengers as well as towing skiers and those wake boarding.


With the two types above, no matter the state in which you are in, you can be sure that you are protected from any liabilities that may come your way. You will be able to rest easy without any worries about law suits. Take advantage of this service today, and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it.

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