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Owners of a recreational vehicle will find out that there are many variables that go into the coverage quote. In Georgia, the coverage cost depends on many different things including these common questions.


  • What is the type of vehicle owned and how often is it used?

  • Also, approximate the duration of the vehicle’s use.

  • How many drivers are going to be covered under the insurance?

  • Is the vehicle a basic model or does it have specialty features such as awnings or an upgraded cooking section?

  • Can you determine what the total loss replacement value would be?

  • Are you interested in full-time coverage or, if the RV is only used a few months of the year, would you be interested in suspending coverage while i is not in use?


These are just a few questions that are used to determine a Georgia RV insurance quote. Motor homes are a substantial investment, much like a house, and to many people, their motor home is viewed as a dwelling space. Many people spend significant amounts of time on a motor home and it may be used as a secondary or even a primary residence. No matter the purpose of the home, it should be protected and seen as a valuable asset, even for a short period of time. Similar to a free-standing house or a condo, motor home owners need insurance to protect their asset in the case of fire, flood, theft, or any other damage.


RV’s known as 5h wheels will require coverage for both the truck and the trailer. Because a 5th wheel trailer that is pulled behind a vehicle with the trailer hitch varies greatly from the motor home that can be driven on its own, 5th wheel RVs need to have their own type of insurance. These RV owners should understand that a 5th wheel RV is not covered by automobile insurance or a homeowners policy.


Travel trailers require owners to think about campsite liability and make allowances for specialty towing and any repair since mechanical problems can happen. Depending on the state, an owner’s automobile policy may have some limited coverage for the trailer. If this is the case, it may be possible to add onto the policy, depending on the size of the trailer. Usually, this is an affordable option although it will often not cover personal effects. This is one of the main reasons why having a specialized quote is important. Be sure to talk to one of our agens promptly to get exper advice on any additional coverage needed to protect your assets.


RV Liability Coverage

Remember to obtain liability insurance. This insurance covers both your valuables as well as the personal property of others. Just like a home, owners can insure electronics as well as clothing and travel gear. Liability can help to save thousands of dollars and covers both owners and anyone staying with them.


Accident coverage is also important in cases of emergency. This will cover damages due to roadway conditions and campsite liability. Both are important to have since accidents are fairly common for trailers.

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