There is no denying the fact that your most valuable asset in this world is your home. Consequently, protecting your home against risks through a Georgia home insurance policy is the best decision you will ever make. Because of the nature of the property covered, this type of policy is quite complex and as a result it is not advisable to enter into a contract before consulting a reliable agent. This is basically what Taylor, Towson & Braddy insurance offer. If you are about to take a home insurance policy, then there is no better place than through Taylor, Towson & Braddy Insurance. Below are the unique features of our services.

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

We have a pool of highly trained and experienced staff which you can rely on while taking a home owners policy. All your queries are adequately addressed. We strive to ensure that you do not enter a contract without sufficient knowledge of the extent of its cover, compensation and settlement of claims. You will be furnished with all details pertaining your contract and this helps to eliminate any misunderstandings in the event of the risk occurring.


Tailor made solutions to your needs

We acknowledge that no two homes are similar in terms of what can be covered by a home owner’s insurance policy. As a result, it is important to review each package to get one which specifically addresses your concerns. It is advisable to engage a professional who will assess your home’s situation and recommend the best policy to take. Do not ignore this crucial step before committing yourself to a home owner’s insurance policy.


The Value of your home changes

The value of a home fluctuates from time to time and this necessitates updating your home insurance policy. If your home insurance policy is about to expire, it provides you with a unique opportunity to update it. This will ensure it is in line with current market values. Again, you can consult our staff on whether it is feasible to update your policy or not.


A Georgia homeowners insurance policy covers a wide range of risks including:


  • Damages from fire or smoke

  • Lightening damages

  • Damages from falling objects

  • Damages from freezing, hail or wind storms

  • Damages from unfavorable weather have been reported to cause untold damages to many homes. Prepare for this by taking a home insurance cover.

  • Theft & Burglary – You are compensated both for the value of goods stolen as well as damages from the burglary

  • Vandalism – Cases of vandalism are prevalent nowadays and taking this cover protects you from the destructive effects of vandals

  • Vehicle damage – A vehicle can ram into your home destroying property. This cover cushions you against such risks.

  • Damages from plumbing or electrical gadgets and appliances – These can be accidental or caused by human error. You are compensated irrespective of the cause.

  • Injuries to you or your family members – This cover protects your family against injuries sustained at home as well as from accidental deaths.

  • Third part injuries claims – You do not take liability in case some one is hurt or injured while in your home.

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