The Georgia business insurance specialists at Taylor, Towson & Braddy Insurance Agency take your business seriously. That’s why we personally handle each request for policy premium quotes. We provide policies to cover businesses of all sizes: from sole proprietorships to large corporations.


  • Our professional agents will review the specific needs of your business and offer you the best available coverage, by the best insurer, at the best price.

  • We represent only financially solid companies who can offer you superior products, excellent customer service, and efficient claims service.

  • We speak to you personally. Companies offering instant quotes online cannot accurately provide the information you need to determine your specific insurance needs and instant quotes cannot provide you with practical costs. Call us. We provide what you should expect.


Nothing is more important to your business than its assets. To adequately protect the assets of your business, consider the following types of Commercial Insurance Coverage and contact our team to personally answer your questions.


General Liability Insurance is vital to protect businesses of every size from exposure to liability. Along with Business Property Insurance, combined liability coverage puts your mind at ease, allowing you to do what you do best: run your business.


Products Liability Insurance is vital for all businesses involved in the stream of commerce, from the manufacture and production of goods and products, to end users in the marketplace. Sellers, buyers and even bystanders can pose special risks that many business fail to protect themselves against. Make sure your business is covered from end to end.


Umbrella Liability Insurance offers extra protection against liability claims. Primary Liability Insurance policies may not offer enough coverage to protect your business’ specific needs. Umbrella Insurance, also known as Excess Liability Insurance, offers additional coverage in excess of the limits of your Primary Insurance Policies.


Business Auto Coverage is insurance covering commercial vehicles used in the daily operation of your business. Service trucks, delivery vehicles, and company-owned transport cars are all exposed to unforeseen hazards each time they enter the road. Many businesses simply cannot operate without these vehicles. Make sure your company vehicles are sufficiently protected.


Workers' Compensation Coverage provides medical coverage for employees who are injured or disabled on the job. Although many states may have differing plans and protocol, Workers’ Comp Insurance was created to assist business owners in providing protection for their most precious assets: employees.


Building and Business Property Insurance is to your physical property what Business Auto Insurance is to your company vehicles. Property owners of manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers, and brick-and-mortar stores all need special protection from unforeseen occurrences such as fire, accidents, and weather-related damage. Protect your inventory and equipment as well as your building and outdoor premises.


Real Estate Insurance is a third type of business property insurance available to owners of real estate. Whether your business has an investment in retail centers, office space, or residential real estate, you need a special safety net to protect the real estate assets of your business.


Georgia Business Insurance FAQ


What Types of Insurance Do I Need?

The Taylor, Towson & Baddy Insurance Agency offers both personal insurance and commercial insurance lines. Personal Insurance policies cover Life, Health, Business, Home, and Auto. Commercial Insurance coverage protects the assets of a business with a wide variety of policies such as: Commercial General Liability, Products Liability, Umbrella Liability, Business Auto, Workers Comp, Building & Business Property, and Real Estate insurance. We also write Specialty Insurance policies to cover commercial business clients such as: Subcontractors, Landscapers, Restaurant & Taverns, and Non-Profit entities.


Can you offer policies to cover specialty insurance lines?

Yes. We have policies to cover commercial business clients such as Subcontractors, Landscapers, and Restaurant & Tavern operators, and Non-Profit entities.


Can I speak to an insurance professional?

Yes. Our insurance professionals will personally take your call and handle your Commercial Insurance needs.


What types of discounts do I qualify for?

Do you offer flexible payment options?

Agents at the Taylor Towson & Braddy Insurance Agency offer complete accessibility to you at any time. Simply fill out our contact form or call our office for a personal response from a professional agent.


We Provide What You Should Expect.

Call us or use the request a quote form on this page to get a quote today. Be sure to ask about insurance premium discounts and flexible payment options.

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